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Welcome to Night Hawk Maintenance, your One-Stop-Shopping solution for Fire Suppression Systems across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

-- Let us take the worry out of your kitchen. --


Night Hawk Maintenance uses 3,000-4,000 psi high pressure to steam clean and grease exhaust systems, including traps, canopies, fans, offering accessible-only or complete duct work.

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We offer customized, preventative maintenance plans to suit your specific requirements, ensuring all code and regulations are met. Let Night Hawk maintain the equipment for peace of mind because you have more important things to worry about.

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Are you setting up a new restaurant or thinking about upgrading equipment? Night Hawk is the On-Stop-Source for your business. Whether you are looking for exhaust systems, range hoods, duct work, fans or comprehensive fire suppression systems, we have you covered.

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Following recommended inspection schedules is critical and should be combined with regular maintenance to keep everything running perfectly. Night Hawk will ensure your equipment is up to code and meets all insurance requirements.

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Why take a chance? Let Night Hawk Maintenance look after your investment.

Frequently Asked Question

About fire suppression and extinguishers

What is the recommended frequency of inspections?

It is required by the fire code to have your fire suppression system inspected every six months and your fire extinguishers are inspected once a year.

How long is my fire suppression tank good for?

Your fire suppression tank is good for 12 years

What is a hydro test?

We empty the unit and check the internals of the cylinder and then use water to pressure test the cylinder.

Do I need the fusible links changed at every inspection?

Yes! The heating and cooling of the links can compromise the link and if not changed, it could result in an accidental discharge.

What is involved in my fire suppression system inspection?

First, we make sure your system cannot be set off. Then we test that all components of your system will work as they should, change your fusible links, check nozzles for obstructions and reset your system and fill out a systems report.

Do I need a fire suppression system if I don’t have a fryer?

Yes. All cooking appliances in commercial restaurants produce grease vapors and can be a threat of fire under your hood.

Is there a difference between fire extinguishers?

Yes. ABC extinguisher is for use on combustibles:

  • “A” combustibles such as for trash, wood, paper (A class)
  • “B” is for liquids such as gas, diesel (B class)
  • “C” is for electrical (C class)

K class portable extinguishers are used on grease / fat combustible materials.

Are fire extinguishers effective to fight a fire?

In case of a small fire, yes. If it’s uncontrollable they are meant to get you to safety by clearing a safe path.

How often do my emergency lights need to be inspected?

They need to be inspected yearly. We will test the lights by turning them on and leaving them on for a minimum of 25 minutes. If they require new bulbs or batteries, we will install them

About cleaning services

How often should a grease exhaust system be cleaned?

Depending on the size of the restaurant, if it is a high volume or low volume it is cleaned monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or in some cases yearly.

When can I get my grease exhaust cleaned?

The cleaning of your grease exhaust system is usually done at night when the restaurant is closed

Is there a mess left after the job is finished?

No! Our employees are to clean up everything after the job is completed.

Do I have to stay with you until the job is done?

If you choose to, you can. However if you leave instructions on how to lock up or which exit to use we can do that as well.

How long does it take to clean my system?

All systems are different, so depending on the size and amount of build up it usually takes between six and eight hours.

What else do you clean?

Mostly we clean your range hood, accessible duct or if possible the complete duct, exhaust fan and backwall. If requested ahead of time we can clean floors, equipment, ceilings and walls.

A few comments from our clients

“NightHawk does the best work at great prices.”

“Always on time and do more than expected. Great crew!”

“Kenny from NightHawk is reliable and trustworthy, and has given us great advice.”

“NightHawk is very reliable, meets all of our expectations and gets the job done!!!”

“Great crew, always willing to get parts for great prices.”

“Very professional company. Looks after its customers and offers great service.”

“When I had a problem NightHawk was there to repair and service us.”